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Youth Empowerment

Youth Empowerment (YE) is a small nonprofit organization operating in City Heights and Southeast San Diego area since 2015. It was founded by Arthur Soriano to provide reentry services for justice-involved youth and adults. After spending time in prison, Arthur developed an innovative peer mentoring program that allowed other formerly-incarcerated individuals to serve as mentors. Arthur's challenge now is to balance growing his organization and his impact with staying true to his community and the ethos of his organization.

The Kroc Institute for Peace and Justice (KIPJ) is an applied research institute whose core mission is to develop and champion evidence-based, justice-centered solutions, to ending cycles of violence. This case is written by Andrew Blum, PhD who is the Executive Director of the KIPJ. 

How should a community-based organization balance the desire to grow its impact with the need to stay true to its ethos?


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