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Earth Changers

The case centers around Vicky Smith, founder, and CEO of Earth Changers, a platform that promotes sustainable and regenerative tourism by curating trips and connecting travelers with authentic experiences worldwide. Vicky founded Earth Changers in 2017, with 27 years of experience in the industry, including a focus on sustainable tourism for 17 years. The COVID-19 pandemic halted the global tourism industry in 2020, leaving Earth Changers at a crossroads, and as of 2022, Vicky had yet to secure funding for her company after six years of operation. She faces the dilemma of raising the necessary capital for a profitable business model without compromising her vision of sustainable and regenerative tourism. The case explores Vicky's entrepreneurial leadership focused on people and the planet, not just profits, and the process of developing a sustainable tourism platform business model that is neither a travel agent nor a tour operator.

How can a social entrepreneur balance the need for profitability with a commitment to sustainable and regenerative practices?


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