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Social impact

In order to shape a world where more people live in peace and prosperity, we must create new ways to prepare students to meet the moment. Through compelling stories based on the experiences of social innovators, our goal is to impart wisdom and knowledge that fosters a more prosperous future for all. 

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Supporting a Social Enterprise Response to a Humanitarian Disaster

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Kitchens for Good

Matching Purpose and Sustainability During the Pandemic


How can an impact organization stay true to its mission, while responding to requests from high level stakeholders to expand its impact?

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Years in the making

At the University of San Diego, we are committed to preparing the next generation of ethical and effective changemakers. Our teaching cases provide students a front row experience into the work of global social innovators and leaders, while inviting students to apply frameworks and endeavor new ways of thinking.

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Join the Movement

We would love to learn about your experience teaching with our social impact cases. Additionally, we’re always on the lookout for innovative people and organizations who can serve as the protagonist for our next case. This is a new and exciting field of research - let’s connect!

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