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Free to Thrive

Jamie Beck, a former corporate lawyer turned non-profit leader and advocate, is at the heart of a gripping struggle for justice. Her San Diego-based non-profit, founded by Beck in 2016, champions the legal rights of human trafficking survivors. The narrative takes a dramatic turn in 2019, when a letter from an incarcerated woman reveals the judiciary's oversight of her victimization. This ignites Jamie's mission to join others in a coalition, and fight for a transformative bill, AB-124 Justice for Survivors, designed to acknowledge the traumatic backgrounds of survivors in sentencing, extending beyond human trafficking to include intimate partner and sexual violence.

The journey is fraught with challenges, as Jamie navigates opposition, leads as part of a coalition, and grapples with the emotional toll on survivors who bravely recount their stories. The case reaches a critical juncture when a last-minute amendment threatens to dilute the bill's impact, sparking a crisis of conscience and strategy for Jamie. As she contemplates the path forward, weighed down by the coalition's disappointment and her own doubts, "Free to Thrive" poses a compelling question: How far should one go for change, and at what cost? 

How can social entrepreneurs balance the need for systemic change with challenges and setbacks?


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